Marion Campbell Library at Kilmartin Museum

Kilmartin Museum is very proud to house the Marion Campbell Library. This valuable resource contains a wealth of books and journals about the local archaeology, history and natural history.  The Library is dedicated to Marion Campbell in honour of her founding book bequest.


We are adding to the collection constantly. Please get in touch if you would like to make a book donation.


About Marion Campbell

Miss Marion Campbell of Kilberry (1919-2000) was a prominent local amateur archaeologist as well as a published author. She and her friend Mary Sandeman were responsible for the first archaeological survey of Kilmartin Glen and other areas of Mid Argyll, which was published in 1962 in the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (Campbell, M. and Sandeman, M., ‘Mid Argyll: an archaeological survey’, Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, vol 95, 1962, pp1-125.).


Marion spent her early childhood at Kilberry Castle, later returning to run the estate. As well as publishing several books, the best known of which is ‘Argyll: the Enduring Heartland’ a richly written homage to her homeland and its past, she was one of the driving forces behind the Natural History and Antiquarian Society of Mid Argyll, editing their ‘Kist’ Magazine for many years.   Marion was also a passionate advocate for Museums in the region, being instrumental in setting up Auchindrain Highland Farm Township in the 1960s.  Some 30 years later, she proved to be a powerful supporter in the setting up of Kilmartin Museum (then known as Kilmartin House), donating her collection of antiquities, which formed the founding Collection of our Museum.


Library Furniture and Fittings

The library has some truly unique furniture and fittings created by local craftsman Martin Murphy. Everything from shelves to the light fittings, from the seating to the amazing round table were created in 2000 from materials that would have been available to people living in the Glen in Prehistoric times.  Carvings on the shelves reflect the months and seasons of the year and words of inspiration are carved into the underside of the table:


This table was made during a wonderful idyllic summer

In the year 2000

By a captive spirit longing to be free

Trapped within these boards

In an entire sunlit landscape


But constantly dreamed of.


The table itself is constructed from a variety of types of wood with natural materials such as bird quills, antler, horn, jet and amber in set.


How to Use the Library

The Marion Campbell Library is a reference only library and books must remain in the room. You are free to use the books or admire the furniture during Museum opening hours.  A prior appointment is not necessary, but we do recommend calling in advance as the room is often used for meetings.


We also take bookings from other organisations to use the Library for meetings. If you would like to hold your meeting in this unique space, or for more information about any aspect of the Marion Campbell Library, please email