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Living in Ancient Scotland Children's Project

Kilmartin Glen is home to internationally significant prehistoric and early historic sites and monuments, making it one of Scotland’s most important archaeological landscapes.The prehistoric monuments include the densest concentration of rock art of anywhere in Britain, a unique Neolithic and Bronze Age linear cemetery, the remains of one of Scotland’s largest timber circles and Dunadd Hill Fort which was first fortified around 2,400 years ago.
In the 6th century AD, Dunadd became the citadel of the Kings of Dál Riata, the first Kings of Scotland and home of the Scotti, the people who gave Scotland its name.

Dunadd has been excavated at least 3 times (1904, 1929, 1980—1981) and during these excavation periods hundreds of artefacts have been found which are now in Kilmartin museum and other museums.


This project for children has been devised and the activities created by the Kilmartin Museum Education team and is specifically aimed at children of Primary school age.
The project activities are primarily based upon a story about Dunadd and daily life as it would have been for two young children Fergus and Mairhi living 1,500 years ago. Within the story, the two children also recount their knowledge of the importance of Kilmartin glen and the ‘ancient’ monuments that are present in their times and of course are still there today!
The project can be undertaken over a few days, but the activities do not have to be undertaken in one whole day.

The project has been specifically structured in such a way as to gain the upmost enjoyment and fun for your child(ren’s) learning.

It is important that you please read the project instructions before starting the project work as there is a specific order in which to run the activities. Once the children have completed their project work why not share the results via Facebook.


Project Instructions for Parents

Main Story: Children of Dunadd

Activity 1A: Discovering New Words

Activity 2: Ancient Objects

Activity 3: Making the Dunadd BroochMaking the Dunadd Pin

Activity 4: Ancient Diet

Activity 5: Patterns and Designs

Activity 6: Making a Standing Stone

Activity 1B: Story Telling