Museum Collections

Kilmartin Museum’s collection has grown since the Museum opened and now includes artefacts from all corners of Argyll and from most periods of prehistory and history.   It has a wide range of prehistoric artefacts, including flint and other stone tools, bronze weapons, and Prehistoric Pottery.   Our pottery collections include the three earliest ‘Beaker’ pots ever found in Britain and a unique Footed Food Vessel. We also care for human remains from a variety of periods, including the Bronze Age, Norse, and Medieval periods.

We curate the archaeology collections of Campbeltown Museum and house material not on display at Kilmartin under an agreement with Argyll and Bute Council who own them.

Soon you will be able to search our collections data bases on line but in the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to book a research visit, please email our Curator, Dr Sharon Webb

Our Plans for the Future of our Collections.

People can explore Kilmartin Glen’s monuments and discover some of their treasures in the Museum today, but we care for many more that cannot be displayed. Plans are well underway for the £6.7 million creation of a new Museum and over £5 million has already been pledged.    Please help us create more museum exhibition space so we can bring these hidden treasures to light.  Some of our artefacts are in need of conservation.  Your support for the Redevelopment Project will help us do just that.   We currently do not have enough suitable space to store our ever expanding collections but the Redevelopment Project will solve this by creating a purpose built store, which will make access to artefacts not on display more accessible.