Cultural Heritage

We can help you to plan your visit to the Museum and Glen Monuments. We also offer a guided tour of the historic hill fort of Dunadd and the deserted settlement of Arichonan. School visits will include an activity designed to take the pupils around the Museum and to participate in an object handling session. Prehistory comes alive further with a guided monument tour or an activity that will compliment the subject/topic your class or group is studying.

Our activities have been developed to meet the experiences and outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence and are designed to enhance learning for the following time periods.

Mesolithic – Early Stone Age

Neolithic – Early Farmers

Bronze Age

Iron Age

Early Historic period

Highland Clearances







Natural Heritage

If your class or school is interested in taking part in the John Muir ‘Discovery’ award, we can help you to develop a programme that will meet the needs and requirements for the awards.

If you would like to book a visit, or if you are interested in the Education and Outreach team developing workshops and projects with your class and would like to discuss the options available, please contact us at or 01546 510278.