Winter 2019 Update

The project has been through a period of change during the Spring and Summer of 2019. Staff changes include our Project Officer, Ruth Bolwell, leaving to run the Kilmartin Museum café.  We wish Ruth every success in her new role.  Her replacement, Diane Steele started part time work in June.  Our new Finance Manager, Hazel Allan joined us in July.   She also works part time and has been kept busy re-profiling all of our Project costs and cashflow.  We advertised for a Project Director over the summer months, but unfortunately were not able to recruit someone with the skills and experience we need. In consultation with our funders, we have therefore chosen to implement a team approach to the project management.  Andrew Pinkerton will be the Capital Programme Manager for the construction elements of the Project.  We are now recruiting for a Project Co-ordinator to work with Andrew and the rest of the team.Recently we  appointed Lyndsey Clark, as Interpretation Project Manager, she will be rapidly getting up to speed over the next few weeks.

What Happens Next?

Museum staff have been working on many different strands of the project to get things moving again.  Much of what is needed is interwoven and so often, for one aspect of the project to move forward, there are a whole lot of other factors that need to be in place first.  This can sometimes make it seem as if nothing much is happening on the surface, when in fact lots of activity is taking place behind the scenes.  The Design Team is working towards RIBA stage 4 (at which point the final fully costed design is ready to go out to tender).  The Interpretation Team continues to meet and consult in order to finely tune the content and exhibition design for the new museum.  The Redevelopment staff continue to administer grants and prepare for our move to temporary facilities for when the building work gets underway.  We will hold a public meeting once the RIBA stage 4 plans are finalised to show everyone the final designs.


As we move into the building phase we are keen to keep everyone updated with what is happening going forward.  Key dates are:

  • 23rd December – the museum, café and shop will close for the winter as usual.
  • 1st March 2020 – the museum, café & glen orientation centre will open for the season. Staff in the glen orientation centre will advise visitors on where to go & what to see in Kilmartin Glen and the surrounding areas.
  • Summer 2020 – the museum will close and we will move the glen orientation centre & café to our temporary facilities during the building works.
  • Summer 2020 – work will start in the grounds of the museum, to enable the building contractors to start later in the year.
  • Summer 2022 – the new museum will open.


Over the spring and summer, we have received funding from A’Cruach wind farm (Foundation Scotland) £25,000.  The Project has also received over £5,000 as part of an ongoing fundraising pledge by the Highland Society of London.

Donations from individuals are ongoing with a brilliant total of over £27,000 received during the period of March to September 2019.

Thank you all for your pledges and donations.  Please keep them coming as, while we are fully funded for the basic project, we would like to add back in some elements which have had to be removed.

Our latest fundraising event was a preloved clothes sale on the first evening of the Fairtrade Christmas market.  Thanks to all those of you who donated clothes.  Watch out for news of further fundraising events here, on our facebook page and on twitter.

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