Community WHS drop-in event

Drop-in to the Kilmartin Glen Community Feedback Afternoon
Facilitated by Taylor Nisbet
Sunday 20th October 2019, 3-6pm
Glassary, Kilmartin & Ford Parish Church (formerly Living Stones)
Kilmartin Glen is one of Scotland’s most important archaeological landscapes. It is a place of natural beauty and cultural significance, being shaped by the people who came before us.
Kilmartin Museum has explored the case for Kilmartin Glen to be recognised as a World Heritage Site. We’ve gathered feedback from all aspects of the community and now it’s time to share that information with you!
This drop-in session will give you the opportunity to find out what people think about the prospect of Kilmartin Glen becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site and what this would mean for the area.
Come along and find out what this could mean to you.
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