Meet the Team – Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation

As the Redevelopment Project has progressed, Kilmartin Museum has been working with a number of consultants to enable us to produce the plan for the redeveloped Museum as possible!  One of our newer partnerships is with a local team, Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation (HAWO).

HAWO is a new Scottish charity and social enterprise, based at the Barrandaimh Wildlife Visitor Centre in the middle of Knapdale Forest, six miles south of Kilmartin.  Its originators, Pete Creech and Oly Hemmings, have a long association with the area and its natural history and have worked together on both the Dalriada Project and the Scottish Beaver Trial.

Currently they are completing a review of the Museum’s Activity Plan in respect to its natural history aspects.  Of primary interest is the 5,000 year history of human interaction with the environment and its effects, both positive and negative, upon the many species of plants and animals that share the Glen.  They are also keen to see some of these interactions brought to life, particularly for younger visitors.  For example: What were the risks and benefits of living in Neolithic times? No risk of meeting a log lorry on a journey through the Glen, but what about the bears?!

Pete and Oly have also conducted a series of exit questionnaires at Barrandaimh. Their responses, which will include those from visitors who may have not visited the Museum yet, or did so some time in the past, will give a different perspective in regard to the opinions voiced in respect to the Museum’s development plan.  All this information will enable us to take into account what visitors would like to see improved or changed about the Museum, which will in turn allow us to make the visitor experience even more special.

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