Overflow Car Parking Options

The redevelopment of Kilmartin Museum is going to increase the requirement for car parking and the ideal solution would be to accommodate the additional provision within the Museum site.  This has been considered and while some additional spaces to what already exists can be provided (refer to Museum Site Plan) it is not enough to meet the expected demand.

It has therefore been necessary to explore what other options might be available to accommodate additional parking in and around the Museum and village surrounds.  This exercise started by identifying on a map all areas of ground that might be capable of being developed as a car park (without initially taking account of land ownership or cost of acquisition).   Nine potential locations were identified (refer to Map), and these were then assessed against a number of different criteria such as distance from the museum; ease of access from the A816; visual impact on Kilmartin Village and Glen; etc.   Each site was scored against each criteria on a scale of 0 -5, 0 being unacceptable and 5 being desirable (refer to the Full Scoring Matrix).

The site that emerged as the highest scoring option (apart from the Museum site itself) was the area of ground within the ‘Glebe Field’ to the north of the Museum between the Museum grounds and the Sewage Works (Site F).   This site has many advantages in that it is close to the Museum; a good access route to the Museum grounds can be achieved; and there is minimal visual intrusion on the village and glen.   The challenge, however, is establishing a suitable access from the A816, but indicative studies suggest that a road in could be created between the sewage works and Kilmartin Garage (refer to Detail Plan).

Topographical surveys have now been carried out so that more detailed feasibility studies of this option can be completed.   At the same time discussions are taking place with all the relevant landowners to explore if an acceptable solution can be negotiated.

If you would like to make any comments, good or bad, about this proposal or any of the other potential sites please e-mail them to: redevelopment@kilmartin.org.  The plans and maps included here are also available to view in person, please make an appointment by emailing the above address or phoning 01546 600226.