Redevelopment Update for August

Awareness raising

This summer, as there is only one Redevelopment Project officer, the education team have been attending the shows and highland games and have been able to raise awareness of the Redevelopment Project whilst chatting to families and by handing out our fundraising leaflet.  The education team feel that this year has been one of the busiest they have seen at the games and so they have been able to reach a wide audience of both tourists and locals.

If you’ve been to the Museum lately you might have seen our standing stone in the Museum porch.  It shows where we are with our funding target at the moment, so please feel free to share a photo of it on social media to help us raise awareness!



This month a few funding applications were sent to various Trusts and Foundations, such as The Charles Hayward Foundation, The Charlotte Heber Percy Charitable Trust, the Hugh Fraser Foundation and a pre application was sent to The Gordon and Ena Baxter Foundation. The Gordon and Ena Baxter Foundation then requested a full application so we will be working on submitting that before the end of September, as well as several other applications.  Many of the applications that have been submitted over the last few months have decision dates in September, so we look forward to hearing from them over the next few weeks.

We have had several very generous donations from private individuals this month for which we are extremely grateful! Donations of any size are very much appreciated!  We currently have a total of £88,503 to raise from Private Individuals before the end of September, so any help would make a big difference.


Design Team Activities

The design team have continued to support the work of Sharon and the Trustees in fulfilling the main funders’ conditions and they prepared important input for discussion at the recent meeting referred to above.

The design team have also been developing the detailed layout for the additional parking in the glebe field and are currently finalising the planning application.