Redevelopment Update for July

The Redevelopment Team have continued to apply for funding, with applications going to some big foundations so fingers crossed!  We have also received donations totalling over £6,000 from private individuals in the last month, which is great news.  All donations are welcome so if you would like to help please click here to find out more.  There are exciting rewards to show our appreciation as well!

The 20/20 Art Exhibition continues to be on display in the Museum Café and has now been extended to run until the 28th of August, the end of Artmap Argyll.  So far four pieces have been sold through the exhibition, with a percentage of those sales going towards the Redevelopment Project, and there is still time to come and buy a piece yourself.

Trustees and Team members attended the Inveraray Highland Games this month.  Most of the people visiting the stall were tourists, often from far afield, but information about the Museum was well received with many tourists adding a visit to their to-do list.  The Redevelopment Project was received well by both locals and tourists and some made small donations there, whilst others took copies of the fundraising brochure to return.

The architects and exhibition design team have been working closely together to make sure the thoughts behind the building and the displays are in line.  Work is still ongoing with these, so check our Redevelopment News regularly to stay up to date!

Rachel and Sharon, assisted by Aaron Watson, an archaeologist who has worked in Kilmartin and with the Museum for many years, have been working closely with the exhibition designers and the natural history consultants to produce key messages, story lines and themes for the new exhibitions.  Sharon has been working on selecting artefacts for the new Museum, both from our own collections and from other museum’s collections (which we will ask to borrow).  This has been very exciting work and we are starting to see things come together as a coherent whole much more now.

We have started working with Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation to get as many opinions and suggestion for the new Museum as possible, and our Natural History consultants have also been hard at work producing second drafts of their work to feed into the interpretation and activity aspects.

Our deadline for HLF Stage 2 submission is in November, so the Team have been preparing for a Mid-Term Review in September where we can discuss our progress and present all the work we’ve done so far.  This is similar to a dress rehearsal for a theatre production, so we are working furiously to make sure everything is at an appropriate stage.

If you have any thoughts about our project we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at the Museum or email us at