Support from the Historic Scotland Foundation

Kilmartin Museum are delighted to announce they have been awarded a £200,000 grant from the Historic Scotland Foundation to go towards the Redevelopment Project. The Historic Scotland Foundation is an independent charity separate from Historic Environment Scotland (HES), which aims to maintain, enhance and preserve Scotland’s built heritage for which HES is involved; fund educational and interpretational activities at historic sites administered by HES across Scotland; and promote the built heritage in new and exciting ways.

Kilmartin Glen, where the Museum is located, is one of mainland Scotland’s most significant archaeological landscapes. Prehistoric monuments, standing stones and rock art are prolific. Many of the ancient sites in the Glen are ‘Properties in Care’ of Historic Environment Scotland, and Kilmartin Museum provides access and interpretation to these on behalf of the organisation, as well as care for artefacts from the Glen.

This generous grant from the Historic Scotland Foundation will go toward the creation of a new Museum building, joining the two existing buildings and providing fit for purpose facilities to allow Kilmartin Museum to fulfil its mission: to inspire and educate people by interpreting, explaining and conserving the internationally important archaeological landscape, artefacts and natural heritage of Kilmartin Glen.

Staff and Trustees at Kilmartin Museum would like to extend their thanks to the Historic Scotland Foundation and look forward to working with them throughout the Redevelopment Project.