Museum Gallery

Museum Gallery

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Explore the most significant Prehistoric landscape in Scotland

See how different people created the layers of history we see today

Try ancient technology for yourself!


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Adult – £7.00

Child – Free

Concessions – £6.50

Full Time Students – £6.00

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Benderloch Urn

Found near Oban by a member of the public whilst gardening, the urn is around 3000 years old.

Analysis revealed that the pot had been used initially for cooking food and then was buried as a cremation urn for a young woman and small child. It is common for pottery vessels to feature in burial rituals.

Shuna Sword

This is one of three swords around 2000 years old, found in very dramatic setting, point down in a bog on the nearby Isle of Shuna.

It is believed to have been made in England. However, moulds for swords from the same period have also been found on Traprain Law near Edinburgh.


Food Vessels, Bowls and Beakers

Our display contains a selection of Food Vessels and Beaker Pots.  These have been kindly loaned to us by The National Museum Of Scotland and The British Museum. They include the 3000 year old, highly decorated food vessel with stylistic links to Ireland discovered in The Glebe Cairn a short distance from Kilmartin Museum