Kilmartin Museum uses its collection and the local archaeological and natural heritage to inspire, educate and enrich lives and ensure the future preservation of this important landscape.

We also support senior schools by offering opportunities for workplace students. ‘Bringing life to learning and learning to life’ is at the core of all that we do. We design and resource activities that enable active, cooperative, interdisciplinary and outdoor learning to take place. We are surrounded by evidence of the cultural history of this area and benefit from an environment offering an abundance of natural heritage resources.

In order to communicate this message in a large, rural area and provide opportunities for young people to engage in their culture and heritage, we developed the Education and Outreach Service. Julia and Kirsty work all year round to organise visits for Pre School through to advanced Higher pupils in addition to events and talks that can engage the entire local community.

What can we offer your school?

We work with the class teacher beforehand to tailor the visit and activities to suit your class’s existing programme and to meet curriculum requirements.

We cover a range of topics from the Mesolithic period through to the Clearances as well as exploring the local landscape and its habitats through visits to SNH National Nature Reserves and Forestry Commission sites.

We augment the pupil’s studies with fun and engaging activities including artefact handling, costumes, traditional open fire cooking, simulated and real archaeological digs and traditional skills such as pottery. Outdoors, pupils can learn through activities such as pond dipping, nature trails and transect, invertebrate and vegetation surveys.

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